Donnerstag 12.03.
17:00 - 23:00

Opening // POINT of NO Return // Natacha Martins


Das Japanische Haus presents “Point Of No Return”, the first solo exhibition in Leipzig by portuguese born painter Natacha Martins.

12.03 - 21.03.2020

17Uhr – Vernissage / Opening

About the first words that you learn when you move somewhere new
About getting lost
About building a future without expectations but at the same time restlessly questioning of what the fuck am I doing here
About having difficulty in the supermarket understanding what are you buying
About needing Google Translate to make a clear point of your view
About the tremendous effect of the lack of sunlight
About the hibernation and social fear towards the seasonal depression
About spending time alone, really alone.
About introducing yourself in a funny and charismatic way, no one likes boring and egocentric folks
About understanding that I don’t need much to live
About the discover of anxiety and self care
About thinking, dreaming and life between different languages
About being the only person who drinks red wine in a bar.

Das Japanische Haus e. V.
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